Have you ever considered a career in Real Estate? by Harley Greninger

I must say, that after more than 20 years in this profession, I still love it! That’s difficult to say of most professions, usually people burn out or get tired of ‘working for the man’. There are certain benefits that the Real Estate profession offers you that no other field really does. Among these benefits are:

Freedom- Probably the greatest benefit of the Real Estate profession is freedom– not freedom to ‘goof off’ or stay at home and watch Soaps all day—rather it’s freedom to work, that’s exciting! I remember working for Pacific Veneer (a subsidiary of Weyerhauser), punching in and punching out. Family would come to town- ‘sorry, I can’t meet with you- I have to work’… my son would have a baseball game, ‘Oh sorry son I can’t go, I have to work’. Once I got into Real Estate, I was able to go to my son’s baseball games, my daughters’ basketball games… family would come to town and I was able to take an hour or two and enjoy their company. No other profession can really offer that. You’re in complete control of your time, and by being in control of your time, you gain better control of your life!
Virtually Unlimited Income Potential- Once your business really takes off, you’ll find yourself rivaling what some Doctors and Attorneys are making! In Real Estate, you get paid in direct proportion to your skill level, your enthusiasm and work ethic and your overall effectiveness. As you improve your overall effectiveness, your pay level increases as well! At the old ‘9 to 5 job’, when it was time for a promotion, it didn’t go to the hardest worker or the most skilled employee, rather it went to whomever was with the company the longest—hardly seemed fair to me. I could work twice as hard as the guy next to me and get paid the same amount. When it was time for a promotion, it didn’t go to me, it went to the guy next to me because he was with the company longer! In Real Estate, you eventually gain great control of your income!
Ease of Access- You may be wondering, ‘if I can have this kind of freedom and make really good money, how much schooling do I need? Do I have take 5 years of college, or maybe 7 years that some specialties require?’ I’m excited to say “absolutely not”! In Washington state, a simple 90 clock hour class makes you eligible to take the state exam. Imagine that, in under 2 ½ weeks you’ll be eligible to enter the field! I suppose this is because the people in authority realize that the Real Estate profession cannot really be mastered in a classroom. Only practicing the profession ‘on the job’ really gives you the practical knowledge needed to really do it well. Once you pass the state exam, then your real training begins. The nice thing is, while you’re training, you’re making money!

Of course the Real Estate field is not all peaches and cream, there are definitely challenges, however the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges! If you have interest in learning more about entering this great vocation, contact me (Harley Greninger) at 360-533-1900 or e-mail me at harleyg@prgraysharbor.com .