Potential Homeowners: Look Closely at the BONES of a House

When you decide, you want to buy a home of your own, take care, to avoid paying all your attention, on cosmetic items, such as curb appeal, paint colors, how its furnished, etc, and focus on the potential, build – quality, etc! After over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have become convinced, it’s necessary, to pay, far more attention, to the BONES of a specific house. When we refer to a house’s bones, it refers to the hidden quality, potential, and build – quality, which might make a house, far more valuable, than another, without these same, fine qualities and/ or assets. Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly review and examine, using the mnemonic approach, why this consideration, is such an important, compelling, and essential one.

1. Basics; benefits: There are many basics, one should closely examine. Start in the basement of most houses, and examine the quality and condition of plumbing, electrical. leak – resistance, and other structural components. Just as a dentist won’t simply put a filling into a decayed tooth, without restoring it, and being certain it is healthy, a new homeowner should proceed, in a similar manner, and mindset! What are the benefits and/ or strengths, that are positive, beneficial and worthwhile!

2. Options; opportunities: What opportunities, does a particulate house present? Which of the options have a significant degree of value, which make it meaningful, worthwhile, and present a reliable base, and structural strong – point?

3. Nuances; needs; neighborhood; neighbors: Before purchasing any home, drive around the area, and see, if you like this particular neighborhood! Take the time to meet some of the potential neighbors, to see if you feel, you’d enjoy living there! Remember, you can make many changes to a house, or even knock it down, if that’s your desire, but it will still be located, in the same location! Know your preferences, and personal needs, and see, if there are certain nuances, which might, meet your needs, concerns and priorities!

4. Energy; entries/ exits; exterior: How energy – efficient is the particular house? Are the windows, efficient and effective, from that perspective? If they are not, you will, literally, be throwing money, out the window! Look at the doors, in terms of, not merely their appearance, but how they are hung, if they are draft – free, whether they are both safe and efficient, and meet your personal needs, and/ or requirements! Examine the exterior, including the condition of the grounds, without omitting attention, to details, such as painting, trees, concrete and driveway, etc.

5. Solves/ solutions; strengths; sustainable; serves (your needs): How expensive, and plausible, are some of the features of this particular property? Does it provide viable solutions, which might provide necessary, relevant strengths? Is the home, built, well – enough. to provide quality sustainability? Does it serve your true needs?

Before you buy any home, take the time, and make the effort, to truly, examine and look, at the BONES! Will you focus on the possibilities, or be overly impressed with cosmetics and esthetics?

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9800805