What do you Seek From a Neighborhood?

When someone makes the all – important decision, to consider buying a home of their own, it is often easy to become overwhelmed by the many considerations, etc! Obviously, one must think about their personal needs, in terms of rooms, location, etc. They must also be realistic, in terms of balancing their wish – list, from the must – haves, and do so, in order to get the most bang – for – the – buck, while paying attention to their personal finances, and knowing both what they can afford, and what they might feel comfortable paying monthly. Often, doing all of these necessary things, means failing to consider, what they really seek, in their NEIGHBORHOOD.

1. Near; nearby; neighbors: What will you new home be near? Will these things be positive or negative, towards your enjoyment of the house? After the immediate neighborhood, what conveniences are nearby? Have you taken the time to have a conversation with some of the neighbors, to evaluate whether they are the type of people, you’d like to live near?

2. Entertainment; energy: Are you seeking a high, medium or low – energy neighborhood? Is access to the sort of entertainment you enjoy, convenient?

3. Institutions: Is the library, schools, houses of worship, etc, of the sort, which you feel will enrich, living in the location?

4. Groups: Are you seeking to belong to any particular group, or source of activity? Will this be available here?

5. Hospitals: How nearby are hospitals, etc, and are they quality, respected institutions? While you may feel you are young and healthy, and don’t need to worry about this, consider emergencies, etc.

6. Benefits: How will this location benefit you, and what you need, to fully enjoy living where you do? Some individuals buy a home, in certain gated – communities, because of the benefits provided, while others do not feel these to be important.

7. Others: Have you considered the needs, etc, of the others, who will be living with you? If you have children, are there lots of activities, and things for them, to enjoy, as well as quality schools?

8. Restaurants; religious institutions: Are you seeking available to convenient, quality restaurants? Is this location convenient? If religion and belonging to a house of worship is important, are there the type you seek nearby?

9. Hubs: How is the access to various entertainment, transit, etc, hubs?

10. Offers: Write down on a piece of paper, those neighborhood amenities, you seek, and consider if this area offers most of these!

11. Options: Are there any convenient options, in the area? Are they important to you?

12. Delightful: This relates to both creature comforts, as well as safety issues. What is the crime rate, and the rating of the police, fire and ambulance departments/ services? Will this area enhance or deter from you overall enjoyment?

You can’t always get everything you want! But, considering the NEIGHBORHOOD, might be an important factor/ consideration.

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