Home Staging Ideas When You’re on a Shoestring Budget

Home staging is the process of dressing-up your house before you present it to potential buyers. It is an important step in the selling process since the prospective buyer is greatly influenced by how the home is showcased. The basic idea behind home staging is to present an alluring snapshot of the property, which makes the buyer want to buy the place. Private home stagers are usually too expensive for most people, so here are some ideas to help you to show off your home on a budget.

Remove Personal Artifacts

The first thing to do in the home staging process is to remove all personal photographs like that of your family and pets. All personal touches that might remind the buyer that the place belongs to someone else, should be removed. This helps the buyer to imagine the home as his own.

Clean Intensively

A dirty house will drive away buyers quickly, so make sure that your house is properly scrubbed before the visit. Throw away useless things and garbage bags that clutter your house. Clean the house efficiently, so that it appears attractive and desirable. Transform your home, such that buyers will want to acquire it.


A simple way of attracting buyers to your property is by getting the home painted before their visit. A worn out, dirty wall will repulse the buyer and create a negative impression in their mind. A recently painted place looks clean and new. Also, the buyer will notice the fact that painting expenses have already been incurred, and they don’t have to deal with the additional expense.

Release Enticing Smells

Being greeted by a foul smell upon entering a home is the surest way to push prospective buyers away. Use a room freshener or other such pleasant aromas, but not too much of it as that can be bad too. Also, throw away all food articles that might create a pungent smell. To mask a smell that’s not going away, cook a fancy dish just before your buyer’s visit.

Clear The Exterior Environment

Nobody likes a crammed, over-stuffed front porch, balcony or garden. Make it a point to efficiently clean out these areas as it is what buyers see first. Remember, first impressions are usually lasting. Make sure that your garage and attic are presentable and tidy as a cobweb-filled attic and a dusty unused garage are hardly things you would want the potential buyer to see.

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