Home Staging Ideas When You’re on a Shoestring Budget

Home staging is the process of dressing-up your house before you present it to potential buyers. It is an important step in the selling process since the prospective buyer is greatly influenced by how the home is showcased. The basic idea behind home staging is to present an alluring snapshot of the property, which makes the buyer want to buy the place. Private home stagers are usually too expensive for most people, so here are some ideas to help you to show off your home on a budget.

Remove Personal Artifacts

The first thing to do in the home staging process is to remove all personal photographs like that of your family and pets. All personal touches that might remind the buyer that the place belongs to someone else, should be removed. This helps the buyer to imagine the home as his own.

Clean Intensively

A dirty house will drive away buyers quickly, so make sure that your house is properly scrubbed before the visit. Throw away useless things and garbage bags that clutter your house. Clean the house efficiently, so that it appears attractive and desirable. Transform your home, such that buyers will want to acquire it.


A simple way of attracting buyers to your property is by getting the home painted before their visit. A worn out, dirty wall will repulse the buyer and create a negative impression in their mind. A recently painted place looks clean and new. Also, the buyer will notice the fact that painting expenses have already been incurred, and they don’t have to deal with the additional expense.

Release Enticing Smells

Being greeted by a foul smell upon entering a home is the surest way to push prospective buyers away. Use a room freshener or other such pleasant aromas, but not too much of it as that can be bad too. Also, throw away all food articles that might create a pungent smell. To mask a smell that’s not going away, cook a fancy dish just before your buyer’s visit.

Clear The Exterior Environment

Nobody likes a crammed, over-stuffed front porch, balcony or garden. Make it a point to efficiently clean out these areas as it is what buyers see first. Remember, first impressions are usually lasting. Make sure that your garage and attic are presentable and tidy as a cobweb-filled attic and a dusty unused garage are hardly things you would want the potential buyer to see.

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Home Staging Tips – How to Stage the Outside of a Home

Presenting a good home involves much more than simply tidying up the rooms inside. Ensuring the outside is up to scratch is also extremely important. After all, if a potential buyer doesn’t like what they see when they arrive they will get a poor impression of the property before ever setting foot in it.

Because of this it is crucial that you stage the outside of the home in a similar manner to how you stage the inside. Presentation is key so let’s look at a few things you can do to make sure that first impression counts.

Take Care of the Front Lawn

If the home has a front lawn it needs to be taken care of. This means regularly cutting the grass to make sure it isn’t overgrown and getting rid of any weeds or other undesirable plants that make the lawn look less presentable. In worst case scenarios you may even need to reseed the lawn if there are patches of missing grass. Remember that for many buyers a front lawn is a big selling point and provide added potential for the property, so try to make sure that it lives up to that potential.

Looking After the Driveway

Much like the front lawn a good driveway can play a large part in the first impression a viewer gets when visiting the property. A poorly maintained drive not only looks bad but is potential hazardous for both the car and the person driving it. If you have a paved driveway consider adding an additional coat to make it look sparkling new. Alternatively, if you have a gravel or brick driveway then keep it as tidy as possible and even the brickwork out rather than leaving visible tire tracks for the viewer to see.

Take Care of Peeling Paint

The viewer’s opinion of the property starts forming as soon as they drive up to the property. If they see examples of fixable wear and tear, such as peeling paint, they may begin to feel uneasy about the state of the property as a whole. Stand outside the house and examine it from the pavement. If you notice that there are aspects that don’t look as good as they could it is worth fixing them with a lick of paint to help the house look vibrant and inviting.

A Good Back Garden

We’ve spoken a lot about first impressions here but it is also important to take care of the area of the house that the viewer may see at the end of their tour. A good back garden can be a great selling point for buyers with children or those who enjoy a little bit of gardening so try to ensure it is maintained in much the same way as the front garden. Where possible add some varied plant life in an effort to showcase what can be done with the space and to make it more inviting for people who are viewing it for the first time.
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Comparing Real Estate Companies – How to Decide Between Companies

Choosing which company to use in a real estate transaction can be difficult. After all, on the surface at least, most offer similar services and will often present themselves in similar ways. That doesn’t mean that you should go with the first one you find though, as there are plenty of ways that real estate companies can be judged beyond what is on the surface.

Track Record

The first thing that you should look at when speaking to any real estate company is their track record. Do they have documented proof that they are able to offer the services that the claim? Have they worked with properties similar to the one you’re enquiring about? Does the company have any accreditation or has it won any awards for their standards of service.

All of these are important questions and can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Even little signs, such as how many properties the company are currently advertising for sale, can be a big indicator of the quality of their services.


Speaking to a real estate company is one thing. You will simply be getting the information they want to present to you in the way they wish to present it. To find a less biased or sales oriented opinion it is best to seek out those who have used the company in the past to find out what they think of the services they received.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools around and can play a huge part in a person’s decision. Any real estate company that is not able to offer testimonials or is otherwise unwilling to put you in contact with previous or current clients may be worried about poor word of mouth, which could help make your decision for you.

Pretend to be a Customer

This tip is especially useful if you are looking to use the estate agent to sell a home. Before making contact with them as a potential seller, go in to their premises as a pretend buyer. Start browsing the properties that they are currently advertising and what to see how the people in the office to react to you.

What you are looking for here are signs that the company exhibits a certain level of professionalism or employs sales tactics that you would like to have used on your own property. Much of this will be down to personal preference but it is fairly easy to conclude that any company that doesn’t acknowledge your interest or is so overbearing that you feel dissuaded from a purchase is going to be a bad choice.

Check the Website

Most real estate companies, even local ones, will have a website that they use to advertise the properties they are offering. Check out the site to get an idea of how they sell a property. What do the photos look like? Is the information presented adequate? Most importantly, do you think the site is professional enough to attract a buyer?

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