Simple Low-Cost Tips to Sell Your Home By Sheila Boaz

Expert Author Sheila Boaz

Selling your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some simple tips on how you can get your home to stand out from the crowd and get buyers motivated without breaking the bank.

Curb appeal: First impressions are the key to getting potential buyers excited about coming inside to take a look. Make sure the front of your home looks welcoming and well-cared for by using these simple tips:

Have a clean, well-manicured garden. Make sure to cut overgrown shrubs that may be blocking the view of your home from the street.

Pressure wash the exterior of your home to give it that ‘just- painted look’, without actually having to spend the time and money painting.

Put flower boxes outside the main entryway to make your home feel more inviting.

Entry: Make sure when people enter your home, they find it welcoming, light and bright. Pleasant aromas, such as freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies (who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?), are always a great way to make visitors/potential buyers feel at home.

Kitchen: The heart of the home is the kitchen, and the kitchen is what sells the home. Make it look fresh, polished, and modern using these easy ideas:

Make sure countertops are clean and not cluttered with multiple small appliances, such as toasters and blenders.

Remove all magnets from the front of the refrigerator to give it a clean look.

Replace any worn cabinet pulls or hardware that may make a kitchen look dated.

Make sure cupboards are neat and well-organized (people do snoop!)

Living-room: Potential buyers are most likely looking for a home for their family, so don’t confuse them with your personal items, such as family portraits and knickknacks. You want them to imagine their family living there, with their personal photos on the wall.

Bathrooms: Make sure bathrooms are spotlessly clean and up to date. Here are some bathroom staging tips:

Replace old worn-out bathroom fixtures, such as faucets and towel bars.

Hang fresh new towels on towel racks.

Add accessories such as candles and sweetly scented soaps in clean new glass containers.

Bedrooms: A bedroom should convey a tone of relaxation and comfort. It’s the place we want to retreat to after a long and stressful day. Here are some ways you can give your bedroom that cozy feeling:

Paint with a warm neutral color.

Remove any extra furniture leaving only the bed and dresser (especially that old exercise machine).

Remove a large portion of your wardrobe making the closets appear larger.

Spruce up the bed by changing the comforter and adding a few new throw- pillows.

The housing market can be either hot or cold, but taking these few extra steps will make it easier for buyers to see the home’s full potential, and it will pay off in the long run.

For Sale By Owner – Pros and Cons to Sell My Own House

by Darren Tunstall

Are you a homeowner ready to sell your home? Thinking of being a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) without the assistance of an real estate agent? Lets go through the Pros and Cons on how to sell your own house.

Pros on FSBO

1.You save money on commission because you do not have to pay a commission fee.
2.You are in control. You get to pick the appointment times, how to negotiate with the buyer, and so on.
3.You get to choose the price of your own real estate listing.

Cons on FSBO

1.You will probably sell your house for less than what it is actually worth. Without broker representation, it is difficult to price your house right without all the tools and resources that an agent has.
2.You may have some venues to promote your house but it will not get the best exposure on the real estate market. Real estate agents have programs, devices, and methods about how to get your home fully exposed and seen while on the market.
3.You do not get reliable feedback on how your listing is being represented. Other industry professionals may be nice but not always honest about how your home could improve to get it sold faster.
4.You are responsible for all legal forms and you take the risk of financial and legal liability.
5.Things can also get very complicated in a real estate transaction, so you need to educate yourself in all areas of selling a house. You will need to know who to contact for legal advise, home repairs, title companies, inspections, etc.
6.It will be difficult for you to decide who is an interested and qualified buyer, without prior experience.
7.When you do find a qualified buyer, it will be difficult for you to negotiate and easily close the deal since the buyers have a professional representative negotiating for them and you do not.
8.Almost all transactions have some hiccup or skew that complicates the deal. This is where a professional agent really becomes helpful because their job is to keep everything smooth and weed out these complications with their real estate knowledge. Selling your own home without an agent can be stressful and be difficult from listing it, all the way through contracting and closing it.

Yes, there does seem to be more Cons then Pros when it comes to selling your home through FSBO. However, do not be discouraged if you still want to do For Sale By Owner. Just try to become as well educated about real estate and transactions as you can and realize you have a lot of work ahead of you. It is highly recommended that you do hire a professional if possible. The process will be less stressful and complicated for you, making it an enjoyable experience to sell your house.

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