6 Ways to Maximize Small Living Space

You can’t stretch a foot to measure more than 12 inches, but you can make it look a yard wide, with a few simple tricks:
Forget window draperies. Place fluorescent lights behind valances, under cabinets, over work places. Forego floor lamps and mount wall lamps instead.
Keep to one, two or (at the most) three light colors that blend and flow from one room to another.
Use one carpet color throughout the house.
Double the size of a room and bring the outdoor window view inside with mirror walls. Mirror the lighting under kitchen cabinets.
Wherever you can tuck a cabinet, shelf, or small table, you make awkward spots usable.
Choose small-scale with simple lines furniture and place it against the walls, leaving plenty of open space.
Let us help you put the home you’re selling in the best possible light. E-mail us for more tips on how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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