Introduction to The Real Estate Sales Career

Of course, any profession has its challenges and the Real Estate Career is no different.  However, when weighed against the numerous advantages afforded by this career choice, the privileges greatly outweigh its challenges! 



I personally know what its like to be a slave to the time clock.  Impatiently waiting for each tick of the clock to shorten my required stay on the job, while simultaneously shortening my–life!  The Real Estate Sales profession sees me rising each morning, looking forward to the day ahead.  I am free to work when I want and to rest (vacation, play…) when I want, no 9-5 job can really compare.



I got my start in Real Estate while being a single parent.  This career allowed me the ability to see my children off to school, attend baseball games, basketball games, dance recitals, PTA events, etc.  What other profession would allow me this kind of flexibility?  All the while, I was able to pursue other personal interests as well! 


Be Your Own Boss:

No more ‘answering to the Man’!  Of course, we still need to practice competent service, however no need to worry about a Foreman ‘looking over your shoulder’ or readily pointing out everything you do wrong at every waking moment!  Being self employed is a dream-come-true for every person possessing an entrepreneurial spirit.


Company Support:

This Real Estate Firm offers excellent support and guidance for your career.  You are building a “Business within a Business” and the right firm offers both the atmosphere and training you need to achieve this.


The Satisfaction of Helping Others:

Home-ownership is an important part of the American Dream.  The Real Estate Professional is a vital part of that Dream!  Additionally, the purchase of a home is most likely the most expensive purchase an individual or family will ever make and to make this experience a delightful one is very fulfilling!


Virtually Unlimited Income Potential:

Because the Real Estate Sales profession is commission-based, you are not limited to ‘trading dollars for hours’.  Instead, as your skills develop and you build your business, your income increases right alongside!  A good Real Estate Agent brings in an income that rivals the most highly trained professionals in most any other field!


Ease of Entry:

To gain this kind of Freedom, Flexibility and Income Potential doesn’t require 7 years of college and not even 5 years!  It merely requires completion of a 90 hour (!) pre-licensure course, coupled with proper guidance by a caring Real Estate Brokerage. 

                       If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact me! 


Harley Greninger                 360-533-1900        

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